Tarcy Su - Left Hand/Revolving Door [Released 19 October 200

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Tarcy Su - Left Hand/Revolving Door [Released 19 October 200

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:14 am

After years away from the music scene, Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su made a comeback last year with her self-titled album. Fortunately, fans don't have to wait another six years for her next album as she follows up in brisk fashion with her latest release, Left Hand/Revolving Door. This time, Tarcy wants to sing the experiences and emotions of every woman in the face of love, calling up the memories and sentiments, be they happy or sad, that can't be forgotten. Left Hand/Revolving Door comes with ten new songs, including title tracks Left Hand and Revolving Door, as well as "Calm" (Track 6) and "Performance" (Track 7). The album is jointly produced by Chen Zi Hong, Paul Lee, and TLM, bringing different musical perspectives into the release.

Track List:
01 Bye Bye Baby
02 左撇子 (Zuo Pie Zi)
03 再唱一首歌 (Zai Chang Yi Shou Ge)
04 旋轉門 (Xuan Zhuan Men)
05 知了 (Zhi Le)
06 冷靜 (Leng Jing)
07 表演 (Biao Yan)
08 分不開 (Fen Bu Kai)
09 和弦裡的秘密 (He Xian Li De Mi Mi)
10 Sunny Day


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