Jolin Tsai - Agent J [Released 21 September 2007]

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Jolin Tsai - Agent J [Released 21 September 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:19 am

Jolin Tsai transforms into Agent J for her new album and music movie! Decked in tight black leather, the Taiwanese diva has even more surprises and sultry dance moves in store for her fans. Jolin's last album, Dancing Diva, not only brought her to the top of the charts, it also won her the Golden Melody Most Popular Female Singer and Best Female Vocalist awards. Expectations are naturally high for her new album, and the ever versatile Jolin is upping the ante with ten new tracks and her first ever music movie.

The diva flew especially to France to shoot the sexy and mysterious musical love story with Korean heartthrob Kim Jae Won - and that's just the beginning! With a budget of NT50 million, Agent J is a three-part music movie, with Hong Kong stars Stephen Fung and Carl Ng reportedly featuring in the London and Bangkok segments. The album's new songs include title track Agent J, Jolin's self-penned "Metronome", "Cold Violence", "Not For Sale", "One Person", "Sun Won't Set", and "Golden Triangle".

Track List:
01 特務J (Te Wu J)
02 愛無赦 (Ai Wu She)
03 一個人 (Yi Ge Ren)
04 怕什麼 (Pa Shen Me)
05 桃花園 (Tao Hua Yuan)
06 冷暴力 (Leng Bao Li)
07 非賣品 (Fei Ma Pin)
08 日不落 (Ri Bu Luo)
09 節拍器 (Jie Pai Qi)
10 金三角 (Jin San Jiao)
11 專輯未出 (Zhuan Ji Wei Chu)
12 Let's move it




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