Ryan Lam - Ryan Lam [Released 03 October 2007]

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Ryan Lam - Ryan Lam [Released 03 October 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:23 am

Newcomer Ryan Lam is the latest heartthrob to storm into Hong Kong's music scene in 2007. His self-titled debut album comes in the form of an AVEP with six songs and two music videos. A mix of catchy fast songs and karaoke ballads, the album lets Ryan show off both his dance moves and vocal talent. Composed by Patrick Lui, first plug "Love Expert" (Track 5) takes listeners back to the golden years with a story about high school love. His next plug, "Obedient", composed by Alex Fong and written by Keith Chan, reflects on family discipline and upbringing to reveal the younger generation's perspectives of romance. This release comes with the MVs for both "Obedient" and "Love Expert". Ryan's other songs include "Learn to Grow Up" (Track 6), "Chef" (Track 7), "Infrared Love" (Track Cool, and "Learn From You" (Track 9).

Track List:
01 聽話 (Ting Hua)
02 愛戀專家 (Ai Lian Zhuan Jia)
03 學習大個 (Xue Xi Da Ge)
04 大廚 (Da Chu)
05 紅外線之戀 (Hong Wai Xian Zhi Lian)
06 學你 (Xue Ni)


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