Ella (S.H.E.) - Qiang Qiang Memorial

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Ella (S.H.E.) - Qiang Qiang Memorial

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:45 am

S.H.E.'s Ella releases her first solo single in memory of her pet dog, which passed away in June. Ella displayed her songwriting skills earlier by composing "Wife" for the recent S.H.E. album Play, and she again shows her versatile talents here. Written and composed by Ella, this meaningful single is titled Qiang Qiang, the name of her beloved dog. The demo for "Wife" is included as a side track. Ella also contributed her own illustrations and personal photos to the album design. All profits from the single will be donated to an animal protection charity organization.

Track List:
01 薔薔 (想念版)
02 薔薔 (Remix版)
03 薔薔 (想念版kala)
04 Mahal kita (老婆DEMO)


pass: paulina@indomp3z.us

Track 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/51564252/02_Qiang_Qiang__Remix_.mp3

Qiang Qiang

hai ji de ni xi huan yao zhao wo de shou
ran hou gei wo ni zui li de qiu
yao wo pei ni wan diu diu

ni xi huan wo mo mo ni de xiao er duo
wo zai wo de shen pang
mei you fan you
zai meng li ao you

hao gou gou hao gou gou
xie xie ni pei ma mi zhe me jiu
ni bing mei you li kai wo
shi ban dao tian tang sheng huo

qiang qiang
ni yao ji de wo
ni bu yao zou diu
kuai kuai zhao dao tian shi
zai tian tang gei wo bao you
qiang qiang bu yao wang le wo
hai you qin ai de a yi shu shu he ni de peng you,
ni yong yuan huo zai ji yi zhong


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