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Jane Zhang - Update

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:52 am

Jane Zhang from Cheng Du returns with her follow-up album to The One, released in mid-autumn 2006. Once an ambitious student of the foreign language department in Sichuan, she entered the music scene through her award-winning performances at music competitions held in Cheng Du and on a nation-wide scale. Now she's finally back with her second album that features such recommendable songs as the R&B inspired Dream Party and "We Are Together" (Track 11/12). Also featuring the mellow ballad "We Have Agreed On It" (Track 6), Jane's passionately interpreted melodies promise to solidify her status on the Mando-pop market.

Track List:
01 幫幫忙 (Bang Bang Mang)
02 Dream Party
03 給不起的愛 (Gei Bu Qi De Ai)
04 日落大道 (Ri Luo Da Dao)
05 我們說好的 [Piano Version]
06 我們說好的 (Wo Men Shuo Hao De)
07 G大調的悲傷 (G Da Diao De Bei Shang)
08 Yalta
09 Your Song
10 保鮮期 (Bao Xian Qi)
11 我們在一起 [Dream Version]
12 我們在一起 (Wo Men Zai Yi Qi)


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