Jasmine Leong - j'Adore [Released 09 November 2007]

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Jasmine Leong - j'Adore [Released 09 November 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Sat Nov 10, 2007 6:22 pm

The ballads of Malaysian diva Jasmine Leong have long been a favorite amongst Mando-pop fans. Leong topped the charts last year with Kissing the Future of Love, and now she's back with her new album j'Adore. Her latest ballad "Adore" is the theme song to the new Taiwanese film The Most Distant Course, directed by Lin Jing Jie and starring Guey Lun Mei. Composed by Pang Xue Bin with lyrics by Chen Mei Tian, the song highlights Leong's trademark strong, sweet vocals. "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and "I Decide" are actually the same song with different lyrics. The melody was chosen from a pool of over 700 demos, while the lyrics were selected out of close to 100 submissions. Because Leong and various production team members all felt very strongly about the lyrics, the singer ended up recording two different versions of the song, offering two different interpretations of the beautiful melody.

Track List:
01 崇拜 (Chong Bai)
02 C'est la vie
03 每天第一件事 (Mei Tian Di Yi Jian Shi)
04 會吸呼的痛 (Hui Xi Hu De Tong)
05 101
06 一秒的天堂 (Yi Miao De Tian Tang)
07 給未來的自己 (Gei Wei Lai De Zi Ji)
08 知多少 (Zhi Duo Shao)
09 生命中不可承受的輕 (Sheng Ming Zhong Bu Ke Cheng Shou De Qing)
10 三吋日光 (San Cun Ri Guang)
11 原來你也唱過我的歌 (粵語) (Yuan Lai Ni Ye Chang Guo Wo De Ge [Cantonese])


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