Raymond Lam - Love Searching You In Memory [Released 23 Nove

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Raymond Lam - Love Searching You In Memory [Released 23 Nove

Post  blpaulina on Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:35 pm

Raymond Lam has proven to be one of the most promising and popular young actors in Hong Kong television. Since 2002, he has starred in numerous TVB dramas like A Step into the Past, Survivor's Law, and La Femme Desperado. Raymond turns a new leaf in his career in 2007 by officially signing with powerhouse label EEG. The star's singing talents have long been recognized from his many television theme songs, and now he's finally releasing his long-awaited album. His debut album features ten songs, including the title track "Fond of Searching For You in Memories" (Track 1) from the TV drama The Drive of Life in which Raymond stars alongside Myolie Wu.

Track List:
01 爱在记忆中找你 (岁月风云 插曲) (Ai Zai Ji Yi Zhong Zhao Ni)
02 朋友, 请不要伤悲 (Peng You, Qing Bu Yao Shang Bei)
03 赤地转机 (Chi Di Zhuan Ji)
04 你并不孤单 (Ni Bing Bu Gu Dan)
05 原罪 (Yuan Zui)
06 真的哭了 (Zhen De Ku Le)
07 泼墨桃花 (Po Mo Tao Hua)
08 一次一次一次 (Yi Ci Yi Ci Yi Ci)
09 反话 (Fan Hua)
10 自己保重 (Zi Ji Bao Zhong)


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